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The official playing dart shirt of Haupai Puha "HOPES" the New Zealand Dart Player.

Be apart of our Team Puha journey & play darts with style and comfort.

Made from a quality performance fabric that is quick dry and breathable if your darts inside a hall or swinging a golf club on the golf course. 

As a kid growing up my nickname was Hopes, for most of my upbringing this was always the name I heard. And for me and my dart shirt this was it...


Showcasing my Maori culture with the Haupai Puha "HOPES" Māori Dart Board placed centered on the back of my dart shirts. 

The front Maori design dart represents OFF THE Oche Collection, and if you look closely you will see the matching piece from the Māori dart board

It all connects together as one. As you read this my story,  you become apart of my team, our Team Puha. 

"The vision around the Māori Dart board is to symbolizes my journey, my culture, my language. I wear it with pride as I continue my journey to become a professional dart player. It's my story, its my family story. "