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OFF THE Oche By Haupai Puha 

THE HOPES Collection...

 Collection #3 - Hopes & Dreams Collection 

Where did the concept OFF THE Oche start?

We are in our 3rd year now and I started when I was traveling around the world playing darts I thought to myself I need to wear my own clothes,  I wanted to showcase who I am and where I am from with kakahu/clothes. Thats how OFF THE Oche started

Why was it important to you to bring your dart shirt to off the oche?

Identity & connection through my Maoritanga. Plus  comfort when I travel these long flights. 

What was your thought process around Collection #3 HOPES & DREAMS?

Honestly the thought is around my dream on becoming a PDC Professional Darts Player. I set goals each year and QSchool in January is the pinnacle for me. I believe we need to build a bridge for this next generation to walk over. But firstly we need to lay each brick to start the process. 

 What is the time fame on delivery?

2 weeks

Are you looking at getting bigger sizes?

Unfortunately not in this collection but definitely in the future.