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OFF THE Oche By Haupai Puha 

THE HOPES Collection...

 Collection #3 - Hopes & Dreams Collection 

Where did the concept OFF THE Oche start?

We are in our 3rd year now and I started when I was traveling around the world playing darts I thought to myself I need to wear my own clothes,  I wanted to showcase who I am and where I am from with kakahu/clothes. Thats how OFF THE Oche started

Why was it important to you to bring your dart shirt to off the oche?

Identity & connection through my Maoritanga. Plus  comfort when I travel these long flights. 

What was your thought process around Collection #3 HOPES & DREAMS?

Honestly the thought is around my dream on becoming a PDC Professional Darts Player. I set goals each year and QSchool in January is the pinnacle for me. I believe we need to build a bridge for this next generation to walk over. But firstly we need to lay each brick to start the process. 

Are you looking at getting bigger sizes?

Unfortunately not in this collection but definitely in the future.