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Getting started with your darts program & practice learnings

Your dart sessions are programmed to designed specifically for you, taking into consideration your goals, dart experience, available time to practice working along side Haupai Puha HOPES 

Remember – you get out what you put in.

Your practice plan is designed to support you in your daily lifestyle & to help you achieve your goals.

What we offer:

1 on 1 in person coaching or online darts coaching session

• 1x Session Packages 

• 5x Session Packages 

• Gift Card Options.

Bookings subject to availability 






























































ITEM 1) The HOPES Collection Darts Bracket  
































ITEM 2) Signed pro player card
































ITEM 3) Darts Lesson Gift Voucher
































from 1x 1 hour bundle to 5x 1 hours
































" What does golf and Darts have in common? Well both of these sports require you to hit a small target."
































Are you looking for some dart advice or want to learn some mindset strategies?
































Now offering one on one coaching lesson with Haupai Puha HOPES  
































What may work for some dart players may not for others, it really comes down to you the individual. 
































🎄 Bringing what we Love to you - 12 days of Kirihimete 🎄
































Our 12 days of Kirihimete promotion is kicking off this Saturday December 3rd, at ay we will be promoting a new sale and trust us when we say, you won't want to miss out!
































Each daily promotion is valid from 8am - 8pm! So if you see something you like e te whānau, skip the cart and go straight to the checkout!!
































To help with your planning take a peep at the image on our main page of our website.